Investor Relations

About IEC
International Endeavors Corporation (“IEC”) is a Nevada corporation established on May 7 of 2014 with a focus on the location and acquisition of income producing properties in Temecula, California’s wine country for Recreational Vehicle (RV) property space rentals, income derived from grape production and resale, wine production and resale, and wholesale wine distribution and wine tours. The Company plans to integrate its RV space rentals with vineyards and wine tours for the goal of offering its RV clientele a different experience. In addition the company has initiated the development of an APP for wine tasting and wine tours in the Southern California area.

Our Board Of Directors
Nathan Engel, has served as President, CFO and Director of the company since inception. He has worked in the technological area of the automotive industry since 2002. He has a degree from the Universal Technical Institute in 2003. He has been the manager of Degrees of Freedom in Murrieta, Ca from 2010 to the present where he not only managed all operations but was proficient in CAD/CAM designs as well as the technological development and fabrication of various machineries. He has also assisted in the fabrication of equipment designed for the wine industry. The Company believes that Nate’s experience in the technological aspects of equipment design, especially in the wine industry, as well as his analytical capabilities towards technical planning will be an asset to the Company.


Mary Davis, has been Secretary of the company since inception. From 2001 to 2005 she managed a 12 store retail chain in Orange county, CA. From 2008 to 2011 she managed a large retail chain of salons in Palm Beach, Fla. for Ratner Co. Since 2011 to the present time she has worked in the real estate industry, as well as working with the Company since the Company’s inception. The company anticipates that her marketing experience and real estate background will be an asset in developing marketing concepts and assisting in land acquisitions for the Company.

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